Jam City Details New Album, Shares “Unhappy” Video

Dream A Garden arrives March 23.

January 22, 2015

On March 23, Jam City will release a new nine track album called Dream A Garden via Night Slugs. The British producer revealed this good news via an interactive website, where he has also shared a new video for the project's lead single, "Unhappy." The flickering, burned out clip begins with a bleak montage (of images from the media, heaps of trash, officers in riot gear), but it ends with something like a love story and encouraging words: "STOP BEING AFRAID, ANOTHER WORLD IS POSSIBLE."


1. The Garden Thieves
2. A Walk Down Chapel
3. Unhappy
4. Good Lads, Bad Lads
5. Today
6. Damage
7. Crisis
8. Black Friday
9. Proud

Jam City Details New Album, Shares “Unhappy” Video