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Money & Violence Is The DIY Crime Drama You Should Be Watching

“It’s a look at what society labels the bad guy.”

January 22, 2015

The Wire in East Flatbush. Killa Season: The Series. A WorldStar crime drama. There are many ways to try to describe the scripted YouTube series Money & Violence, but it's best to block out some hours and dive straight in. The series follows Rafe and Miz, two Brooklyn natives and burglary specialists, and the swirling universe of empty threats, thirst traps, credit card scammers and hand-to-hand deals they inhabit. DIY production value and untrained actors gives the series a rawness that takes some getting used to (they upgrade lenses around episode 15), but the show's been catapulted by a vocal, dedicated audience drawn to its razor-sharp depiction of the neighborhoods and characters it documents, and the lessons they learn. "It's a look at what society labels as the bad guy," writer/director and co-star Moetivation explained to ThisIs50. "We watch the news and see 'Man Robs Bank,' 'Man Robs Armored Truck', we know the what but we don't know the why." The finale premiered Tuesday and crashed their servers—you can get hooked on the entire first season now.

Posted: January 22, 2015
Money & Violence Is The DIY Crime Drama You Should Be Watching