Cross The “Rubicon” With Noveller’s New Video

Trip out to Sarah Lipstate’s latest noise fantasia.

January 27, 2015

Sarah Lipstate's music as Noveller has taken many shapes over the last few years, and her latest LP Fantastic Planet is one of her most diverse yet, exploring many shades of experimental and noise sounds. "Rubicon" is one of the album's prettier, synth-ier tracks—reminiscent of Rifts-era Oneohtrix Point Never—and now there's a beautiful video to go along with it, with softly-shaded pastel visuals provided by Keith Skretch.

"'Rubicon' emerged from a late night rehearsal session at my home studio in my house in Austin," Lipstate explained to FADER in an email. "I was experimenting with layering the arpeggiated guitar lines that start out the song and then for fun I turned on my fuzz pedal and started playing bar chords over the loop. The progression was heading into a punky post-rock territory so I started playing around with this bend-y soaring guitar solo on top of the whole piece for balance and that's when it all clicked for me. I hit record on the memo app on my phone so I could remember the parts the next day when I started recording for the album. That memo recording is titled 'badass new song 7/2.' The final title 'Rubicon' is a bit more polished but still reflects that initial excitement I felt of reaching new territory in my playing."

Lead photo: Alexis Fleisig

Video: Keith Skretch

Cross The “Rubicon” With Noveller’s New Video