Stretch Your Body To The Video For Mugwump’s “Until You’re Worth It”

Slinky funk-R&B for the dance vet’s new single.

January 28, 2015

Belgian dance veteran Mugwump is best known for his 2007 slo-mo disco single "Boutade," but his new single, "Until You're Worth It," showcases a very different sound. With dual vocal takes from Norwegian weird-disco magnates Päl Nyhus (Mungolian Jetset) and Tore Gjedrem (Ost & Kjex), the tune sounds like funk-R&B moving at a slinky crawl; suitably, the video is (literally) stretchy, with contorted bodies moving in front of director Sam Kadz's lens.

"This album isn't about the full-on, leftfield electronic club sound I'be been known for, so far...," Mugwump told FADER in a statement. "It really aims at fusing a lot of my early influences together, growing up in the vast and eclectic musical landscape from Belgium. I can truly relate, on a personal level, to the lyrics from this first single, which were written in another country by people who had absolutely no clue about that so I reckon the force is strong with this one : ) ... The theme of this video by Sam Kadz is the Greek myth of the Nymph, taken into a stylish and hypnotic visual setting for the viewer."

"Until You're Worth It" is out now via Subfield/!K7, backed by remixes by estimable talents Mark E and Andrew Weatherall; the full-length it's attached to, Unspell, sees release in March.

Lead photo: John Carrill

Stretch Your Body To The Video For Mugwump’s “Until You’re Worth It”