Vision Fortune’s New Album Is Called Country Music But It’s Anything But

Behind the UK duo’s tongue-in-cheek album title is a deeply evocative landscape of ambient sketches and harsh electronics.

February 02, 2015

For their most recent single "Back Crawl II," London duo Vision Fortune sampled water splashes from a swimming pool and combined them with buzzing, morphing basslines. Today, the band unveils the record from which it came: Country Music is their second album and that title's perhaps a little tongue-in-cheek—a reference to the idyllic surroundings they recorded it in—as their sound is anything but "country." Instead, minimal ambient sketches and harsh electronics abound on this fascinating 12-song affair, which is out February 10th on ATP Recordings but you can listen to the album in full exclusively on The FADER below.

"We wrote and recorded Country Music over two months in a rented villa in Tuscany. It was pretty isolated and things got weird after a while—whether this shows in the music is up to the listener," Vision Fortune told The FADER over email. The duo went on to describe how they imagine their new album should be experienced. "I guess the perfect listening environment would be in your living room, on a large speaker system (preferably with the addition of a few bass bins), late at night, feeling apprehensive, possibly naked, the heating cranked to max, drinking a White Russian, Carlito's Way playing on the TV (on mute), squatting in a paddling pool filled with lukewarm water. Otherwise a decent pair of headphones will do."

Photo credit: Vision Fortune

Posted: February 02, 2015
Vision Fortune’s New Album Is Called Country Music But It’s Anything But