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Spazzkid Premieres “Goodbye” Video

Filmed in Kyoto, it’s a pretty thriller inspired by Wong Kar-wai.

February 03, 2015

Spazzkid's video for "Goodbye" is a prequel to his memorably gorgeous clip for "40 Winks," which we premiered back in 2013 and have helpfully embedded below. (This one is off Promise, that one is from Desire; both were directed by Czar Campos.)

"The song itself is a break-up song, which might be more apparent at the end of this video," says Mark Redito, the L.A.-via-Manila musician behind Spazzkid. "I wanted to sing about a relationship that's about to end. It's almost like an 'I'm sorry' song to people I've hurt in the past." In the video, a man's shown to be dangerously incapable of separating himself from his baggage. Judging by what comes next in "40 Winks," though—how beautiful that portrayal of the world is, albeit how sad—we're all better off once he does.

Spazzkid Premieres “Goodbye” Video