Everything Is “Lit” All Of A Sudden

Lituation critical.

February 05, 2015

Since the first caveman got a little bit high off burning Palo Santo wood, the definition of "lit" has been evolving. Now, it's used to describe pretty much anything that's fire: a party that's popping off is "lit af," or lit as fuck. A song can be lit, or make you feel lit, and when things seems to be working out better than you even expected—like, when your cab driver lets you put on your jam—that's what you call a "lituation." The word (which can also, alternatively, be a shorthand for "legit") is everywhere right now, although the youth-culture arbiters over at Denny's haven't tweeted it yet—but #justwaitforit. Maybe acknowledging its extreme trendiness like this is actually so not lit. But, just like HudMo, we're already kind of over it. We vote for "swangin" to come next.

This just in: according to our Twitter followers, 2015 is LIGHTED*.

Posted: February 05, 2015
Everything Is “Lit” All Of A Sudden