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Lenka Announces New Album With Premiere Of “Blue Skies”

​The Australian pop singer’s fourth LP, The Bright Side, comes out this summer.

February 18, 2015

Whenever I DJ, I play Lenka—specifically, the Australian pop singer's super-upbeat "Shock Me Into Love," an album cut from 2011 that sounds like a best-case-scenario cross between The Blow and Britney Spears. It's so sweet, and for a reason I can't fully understand—it sounds faster than it really is?—it's become one of my favorite songs ever. (Also this Modest Mouse cover.)

Today, Lenka announces her fourth album, The Bright Side, with the premiere of lead single "Blue Skies." Compared to my old go-to, her singing voice here—and the song's overall atmosphere, produced by Damian Taylor—starts from a place that's a bit more down. Over email to The FADER, Lenka explained her perspective on making it. "'Blue Skies' was written in my car on a stormy day, singing to my little boy in the back seat," she said. "It's about hope for the future and a feeling of certainty that everything will go our way. It's about seeing though the dark and stormy times with the ones you love."

Lenka Announces New Album With Premiere Of “Blue Skies”