Tyler, The Creator Is Getting His Own Internet TV Channel

Channel will offer a mix of paid and free content.

February 18, 2015

Update 3/2/15: Tyler sat down with Whalerock founder Lloyd Braun to talk about this latest scheme. "It's basically my brain, in one place," he explains, meanwhile munching on a box of French Toast Crunch that he's brought with him onstage. "A person who creates things, putting things out without having a middle man isn't a deep concept. It's like, why wouldn't you do that?" It's an interesting convo, watch the whole thing below.

The New York Times reports that Santa Monica tech company Whalerock Industries are working on creating internet TV channels for a bevy of celebrities and artists—and one of those artists is FADER cover star Tyler, the Creator. (The Kardashians and Howard Stern have their own separate deals with the company, too.) The channels will offer a mix of original and licensed content as would a television network, accessible through dedicated apps, and the Times notes that they'll offer "music, video, exclusive photos, interviews, merchandise, [and] games."

"I would rather be a guinea pig than spend my career rearranging the chairs on the Titanic," Tyler's manager Christian Clancy told the paper about the burgeoning opportunity. "The problem for artists like Tyler is that once they get done paying all of these middlemen, they're not left with much."

Tyler, The Creator Is Getting His Own Internet TV Channel