Suge Knight Is Back In The Hospital

Evaluated for stomach issues and missing an arraignment.

February 19, 2015

Remember when Suge Knight was rushed to the hospital earlier this month shortly after entering a plea on murder charges related to the death of his friend, Terry Carter? Well, Revolt reports that he's back in the hospital again—only, this time, before appearing in court, and for separate charges. Knight was supposed to be arraigned today on a felony charge linked to a September incident involving him, Katt Williams, and the alleged theft of a celebrity photographer's camera; Knight's attorney David Kenner, though, claims that Knight was taken to a hospital for an evaluation related to stomach issues before he was even able to meet with his client pre-trial.

Knight faces 25 years to life if convicted of charges stemming from the alleged robbery; as for the murder charges, he's due in court next on that case on March 20.

Lead image: Getty Images

Suge Knight Is Back In The Hospital