Hear Kuduro Prodigy Nidia Minaj Flex On New Principe Single

Portugal’s Principe label will release this masterfully produced track on Minaj’s new record, Danger.

February 23, 2015

A couple weeks ago I wrote up a hypnotic batida track called "Principe" by Portugal-born, France-based Nidia Minaj as part of our new weekly tracks of the week feature. As luck would have it, today we're sharing a marvelous new one by that kuduro-making high-schooler, forthcoming on Lisbon, Portugal's Príncipe record label. Called "Mambos Fudiz," it finds its footing in the grating buzz of a distorted bass note, with Minaj sweeping it along via a breadth of composite rhythms and textural synths. Every few bars she airs things out for a beat or two, removing some of the parts to let you catch your breath, but before you know it she's back at full force, approaching the beat from an eloquently differentiated angle—it's pretty special to hear someone this young with such command over production.

"I was visiting my brother in Belfast for holidays and had nothing to do," Nidia Minaj told The FADER. "At some point I started dancing in front of the mirror in my brother's bedroom. The inspiration for the tune came from that, I guess. 'Mambuz Fudiz' was the first thing that popped into my head." Check out her Soundcloud for a backlog of incredibly solid tracks and be sure to cop "Mambos Fudiz" along with the entirety of her new record, Danger, out tomorrow on Principe.

Photo credit: Marta Pina

Hear Kuduro Prodigy Nidia Minaj Flex On New Principe Single