Gunplay’s Fish Got Eaten By An Alligator

The MMG rapper is from Florida, after all

February 24, 2015

Despite the fact that he turned out a supremely underrated rifle crack of a single called "Aiight" in 2014, Gunplay's long-gestating s LP Living Legend still didn't manage to sneak out last year. That said, the man who's now calling himself Don Logan doesn't seem too stressed about it.

Browsing his Instagram, as Pigeons and Planes notes, he still indulging his old fishing hobby, but today he shared a couple of pretty special clips from a recent trip. If you'd forgotten that the Maybach Music rapper was from Florida, well, peep either of the videos below, wherein a fish that Gunplay has hooked gets swallowed up by an alligator, and later on he runs after a gator on land in an apparent attempt to wrestle it. If nothing else it serves as a reminder that the same dude who's chunking out thunderous rap tracks also occasionally uploads ten-minute videos of his fishing trips to YouTube. Those are, obviously, also worth checking out if you have the time.

Tried to wrestle a gator but he was pussy!! Lol
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Lead Image via Gunplay's "Gone Fishin' Vlog 2"

Gunplay’s Fish Got Eaten By An Alligator