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Zendaya Awesomely Defended Her Locs On Twitter

After Giuliana Racic said, “I feel like she smells patchouli oil...and, yeah, maybe weed?”

February 24, 2015

UPDATE 2/25/15 2:42 p.m.: Zendaya's responded to Rancic's apology via Twitter, read it below:

In the process of transitioning from a Disney Channel star to movie star (and in the process wisely removing herself from Lifetime's Aaliyah biopic disaster), Zendaya made waves on the Oscars red carpet with her diaphanous off-the-shoulder pale silk gown and waist-length locs. The look was unanimously heralded as a win—with the exception of Giuliana Rancic, who on Monday's Fashion Police said, "I feel like she smells like patchouli oil...and yeah, maybe weed?" Internet backlash was swift and merciless against the talking head, who had previously lauded Kylie Jenner's dreadlocks as "edgy."

Zendaya had some words of her own for Racic, whose comments she denounced as "disrespectful" and "ignorant."

Rancic defended her remarks on Twitter, writing that they, "Had NOTHING to do with race and NEVER would."

Lead image: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Zendaya Awesomely Defended Her Locs On Twitter