Kid Antoine Exorcises Military Fetishism On “Proximity”

The Copenhagen-based producer shares the grime-y title track from his forthcoming EP for Her Records.

February 25, 2015

A lot of people that grow up playing war simulation games like Call of Duty don't question the enjoyment they come to associate with neo-imperialist violence. Others, though, are forced to balance the aesthetic pleasure they take in these kinds of games with a political anti-war stance—a poignantly modern scenario. Copenhagen-based artist Kid Antoine, of London's Her Records, falls firmly into the latter type, and the steel-plated, antiseptic future grime of his new track "Proximity" finds him grappling with exactly this scenario.

"I'm trying to understand the dichotomy between military fetishism learned via my experience with war simulators at a young age and later a genuine disgust at the act of war," he told The FADER. "This EP feels to me like it could be a way to exorcize the demons of this uniquely modern binary. Each song on the EP is a fantasy soundtrack to a different military scenario: 'Proximity' is a pre-battle call to arms, a hypnotic war chant." Stream the track below, and look out for the entirety of the Proximity EP, due March 16th on Her Records.

Photo Credit: Lukas Hammerich

Kid Antoine Exorcises Military Fetishism On “Proximity”