This Why Be Remix Of Rabit’s “Bloody Eye” Is Total Mania

The Copenhagen producer takes on the Houston artist’s lead Tri Angle single.

February 26, 2015

Houston producer Rabit's "Bloody Eye" is a track that relishes how good it is at inspiring dread. Using a futuristic grime palate and the raw energy of an improvised noise show, it's a kind of bitter therapy, intensely reflecting a world with lots of horrible things happening in it. I can imagine it would be daunting to remix, but Copenhagen's Why Be—who often works in the same zones as the Janus and Night Slugs crews—is the perfect candidate. He runs the original's pressurized weight through pure, manic formlessness, slapping chopped mp3s on it like still-bleeding scabs. Why Be makes music without a clear prerogative, and there's something very radical in how it just is, defying narrative and overrunning everything with intensity. Rabit is clearly a big fan too: "Why Be is a star and his version of Bloody Eye, found here, includes sounds from fellow upstart Sami Baha," he told The FADER. "Why Be's EP, Snipe Street, will be released on my new label Halcyon Veil in Summer 2015." Stream the remix below, look out for Rabit's Baptizm EP on Tri Angle (due March 17th), and head here for an interview with Rabit that puts the EP in poignant context.

Photo credit: Lane Stewart

Posted: February 26, 2015
This Why Be Remix Of Rabit’s “Bloody Eye” Is Total Mania