LUKA’s “Fault Line” Is The Soundtrack To Your Low-Key Spring Romance

Listen to the FADER premiere of the Tumblr icon’s new tune.

February 27, 2015

Hamburg-based musician Luka Seifert is kind of Tumblr famous. On his blog Inside The Nest, he curates hundreds of black and white photographs and film stills into a dense, narrow stream. As LUKA, he translates this talent for collage into ambient compositions by assembling disparate samples and techniques, producing something that's distinctly personal in the process. "Fault Line," the B-side off his forthcoming EP, combines sparse percussion, shimmering synths, a breathy sample, and his own guitar playing. The result is slow and sexy, the soundtrack to a kiss you want to last forever.

LUKA describes "Fault Line" as "quite honest," and says it's a bit rougher than the music he's released in the past. "I used to play guitar in bands for ages before I started this project," he told FADER over email. "For this track, I wanted to go back to the roots. I recorded some random guitar stuff drowned in reverb and delay, and ended up sampling the recordings. I wanted it to sound really organic so I didn't really edit it that much. There's no story behind my tracks, just a feeling that is expressed." There's no release date as of yet for the EP, but LUKA tells The FADER it will be coming "soon."

Lead Image: Iga Drobisz

Posted: February 27, 2015
LUKA’s “Fault Line” Is The Soundtrack To Your Low-Key Spring Romance