Bay Area Punk Band Never Young Premieres Self-Titled EP

Over four noisy songs, the band finds some beauty in the chaos.

March 02, 2015

Despite Never Young's audible fascination with vintage underground rock sounds—most notably classic hardcore and early-'90s noise—the band says their self-titled EP has some contemporary influences, too. "We were inspired by digital aesthetics and web-based art," they told FADER over email. The rarely discernible lyrics boast a more era-less, slightly heady theme: identity. "A lot of the lyrical content on the release looks outward," the band said. "It explores the dichotomy of how people portray themselves and how they actually behave."

The resulting batch of songs is hinged on elements that are as technically ugly as they are exhilarating: brutal dissonance, tangled riffs, the occasional grating electronic effect. The singing—split between primary songwriters Christopher Adams and Nikolas Soelter—ranges from impassioned grunts to breezy, world-swallowing wailing. It's all sort of disorienting, but there's definitely some beauty to the chaos. The Never Young EP drops March 10th via Father/Daughter Records, but will be streaming on The FADER in full until then.

Lead image provided by Never Young

Bay Area Punk Band Never Young Premieres Self-Titled EP