Noah Premieres MOOD Mixtape

Five gorgeous new tracks from Flau’s jazzy genius.

March 03, 2015

Really what higher praise can a piece of music get than when, after playing it on your office speakers, multiple heads pop in the door inquiring who it is. The answer to all of our prayers around FADER this AM: Noah, the 27-year-old Flau producer best suited for DJing a dream lounge party. This summer, she'll release her debut album, Siviutie, for the Japanese uber-label. For now, we've got a seriously top-notch mixtape called MOOD, debuting right here, right now.

"I didn't have a concept in mind when I made this mixtape," Noah told me over email. "I just wanted to create something emotional. I feel the end result is warm, soothing, nostalgic and welcoming." Reminds me of Naked Music, or how I'd imagine life on a cloud over the Andes. Take note of track four, in particular, which features the Houston rapper Siddiq, formerly of Noah's TWO EP. Give it a whirl below, and see who it might attract into your bubble of calm.

Photo by Repeat Pattern.

Noah Premieres MOOD Mixtape