Watch The Norman Reedus-Directed Video For The Bots’ “Blinded”

Watch the duo’s new video, directed by The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus.

March 10, 2015

The video for FADER Label's brotherly rock duo the Bots' "Blinded" is pretty trippy—there's dusty desert landscapes, contortionists and performers with swords between their teeth, and at one point a bunch of butterflies shoots out of lead singer Mikaiah Lei's mouth. Whoa! There's some serious technological innovation going on here, too: it was shot with a Digital Bolex D16 camera, which is the first digital 16mm cinema camera. You might have seen the D16 in action—without even knowing it—on TV shows like Glee and Hemlock Grove, as well as in films by folks like Spike Lee and Ondi Timoner. Its specs are impressive—-2K resolution, 12-bit raw images, easy ergonomics, and a global CCD sensor that captures flawless motion—and if you're an independent filmmaker, it won't break your bank, either.

The director, The Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus, had a good time shooting it too, as he told FADER: "Love those dudes. They were up for anything and we kinda worked on the fly coming up with things as we went along and they had such good ideas. I'm a fan."

"It was amazing working with Norman, he was very lovely and very easy to work with," the Bots' Mikaiah Lei told FADER in an email. "We had some weird times in the desert, there were cars kicking up dirt and we got to drive off-road vehicles. We filmed all throughout NYC in the freezing winter and we had spent a day filming in subways and so many other locations. It was quite the adventure filming this video."

Watch The Norman Reedus-Directed Video For The Bots’ “Blinded”