Migos Announce Release Date For Debut LP, YRN Tha Album

YRN Tha Album. June 16.

March 11, 2015

One June 16th, Migos will release their debut album, YRN Tha Album, via Quality Control Music/300. "We gonna master the flow on YRN Tha Album." Quavo told The FADER on a visit to New York last week, just before shooting the album's cover photo. "We bringing that funk back. Y'all didn't know what the flow was, what were the origins. I call it funk. We gon call it funk. The flow is funky. Migo funky flow. We gon kill em with that gangsta shit on the album. That's how we comin. We got some throwback shit, like some '80s lines and raps."

YRN Tha Album will feature Lil Wayne, Meek Mill, and Chris Brown. DJ Mustard, "funky fingas" Zaytoven, TM88, De-Ko, and Cheese all produced songs. "It's gonna be a whole bunch of flavor in that one bowl," Offset said. The group also plans to release a YRN clothing line, modeled above, later this year.

Migos' album announcement comes after a mixtape credited to Migos, called Migo Lingo, circulated on the internet last week. That tape was not an official Migos release, but a compilation helmed by Takeoff's younger brother, the group clarified. "Our fans love us so much that they did this mixtape Migo Lingo and tried to make it our mixtape. But that was actually Takeoff's brother, YRN Lingo. We cosigned the tape, and once we cosigned it the fans thought it was our mixtape."

Two years after the release of the first Migos tape, YRN, the guys say they've developed as artists and matured as people. "I feel like we're a little calmer. You gotta think about a lot of things before you do it. You gotta think of the best moves, like movin chess moves. Lookin outside the box—it ain't hurtin you sometimes," Quavo said. Offsett added: "You can't be a fool."

In their FADER cover story, Migos discussed plans to travel to Sweden to complete YRN Tha Album. That trip never happened, but Migos did travel to Europe in December 2014, where Offset says they fulfilled their goal to "get a different side of the world."

"Nah, we didn't go to Sweden," said Quavo. "But we did have company and they were sweet. We was in the suites with the sweeties."

Migos Announce Release Date For Debut LP, YRN Tha Album