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Beyoncé Could Not Be Bothered To Put On Pants For The Tidal Launch

Even Nicki Minaj and Rihanna wore their best business casual.

March 31, 2015

Last night was the official launch of Jay-Z's newly-acquired streaming service, Tidal, and a cadre of powerful artists revealed themselves as co-owners onstage. Everything about the taped launch was a lil' awk—from the way everyone stood shoulder-to-shoulder like they were waiting to get a diploma, to one uncomfortably loud hand-clapper who was too close to the mic. It was also awkward and hilarious to see each member of this rag-tag, massively famous crew's personal interpretation of "business casual."

Rihanna rocked a checkered Dior skirt suit with nuttin' underneath

Jack White borrowed a pin-striped suit from an undertaker

Madonna looked prim in a long-sleeved black lace dress

Alicia Keyes dug this very '00s leather number out the closet

Even Nicki threw on a pink trenchcoat over what was essentially just a black negligee

But not Beyoncé...


It may have been her husband's big night, but Bey was like, "Nah"

I'm gonna wear hot pants and a cape with fishnet stockings

Because I'm fucking Beyoncé

All images: Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

Beyoncé Could Not Be Bothered To Put On Pants For The Tidal Launch