Lily Allen Is Not A Fan Of Tidal

“Maybe I’m missing something.”

April 06, 2015

Lily Allen is often an honest and outspoken individual, and Tidal is a star-powered streaming service that, regardless of how many people end up actually paying for it, people are talking about. So it only makes sense that Lily Allen is talking about Tidal, and her feelings towards the service aren't extremely fond:

Allen then went on to question whether people would actually notice the high-fidelity difference in sound (valid point!) and called for real change in the industry:

The next day, Allen dropped some science about the admittedly ridiculous reality that the artists that co-own Tidal probably stand a better chance from profiting off the service than the majority of musicians whose interests are supposedly being protected by the service itself:

All in all, there's a lot of attendant conversation that took place on Allen's feed in the last few days, all of which is worth checking out over at Oh No They Didn't if you have some time on your hands and have thought for at least five seconds about whether all this Tidal stuff actually makes any sense—and Allen even ended her part of the convo by suggesting another outlet for directly supporting art:

Lead image: PLS Pool/Getty Images

Lily Allen Is Not A Fan Of Tidal