Get Hypnotized By Ava Luna’s “Steve Polyester”

The Brooklyn band shares a spellbinding cut from their new album.

April 07, 2015

Brooklyn indie rock outfit Ava Luna work fast: their last album was 2014's Electric Balloon, a bewitching collection of odd tunes that I'm still trying to make sense out of (in a good way), and next week they return with the intriguingly titled Infinite House. (How do you live in a house [hits blunt] that's truly infinite, man?) "Steve Polyester" is a song from that album, and like much of Ava Luna's material, it truly needs to be heard—multiple times—to get onto the band's singular wavelength. Here's a breadcrumb of a clue from band member Becca Kauffman: "Steve Polyester: An unknowable idea of greater-ness embodied in a figure whose mythical lore has made him an omnipresent entity and an Answer. Steve is a benevolent sphinx, a vase breaking in reverse, our psychological janitor. Hold up a mirror to see him. What is he?" Indeed!

Lead image: Renaud Monfourney

Get Hypnotized By Ava Luna’s “Steve Polyester”