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Watch San Fermin Perform An Intimate Live Take Of “Emily”

The chamber-pop band unleashes the smooth cut in a private setting.

April 07, 2015

Back in 2013, Brooklyn songwriter/composer Ellis Ludwig-Leone released an intriguing self-titled debut under his San Fermin moniker and featuring plenty of other hands in the pot; on April 21, Ellis and his band return with San Fermin's second album, Jackrabbit, via Downtown. This live video of "Emily" sounds remarkably faithful to the original's smooth, passionate original, an impressive feat considering the number of people onstage. "I wrote 'Emily' in the back of the tour bus and in a hotel room in Reno—it was the first time I'd tried to write while on tour," Ludwig-Leone told FADER in an email. "I wasn't at my keyboard so I had to write as simply as possible, just a melody and block chords. It was liberating not to try to cram too much into it. It's one of the more focused songs on the record and I think that comes through in the live performance."

Lead image: Denny Renshaw

Watch San Fermin Perform An Intimate Live Take Of “Emily”