This Is The Only Drake Search Engine You Need

Let Me Drake That For You is here for all your Drizzy search needs.

April 09, 2015

The Internet has at last been blessed by the Drake-centric search engine it deserves. Described by its creators as being "like Google, on fleek," Let Me Drake That For You hacks your Google search so that all results pertain to Drake. For example: search "OB O'Brien" and you get a flurry of links related to Drake and his best bearded bro; a search "bar mitzvah" turns up a bunch of screenshots from the "HYFR" video. There are still some quirks—a search for "astrophysics" brings up astronomer Frank Drake's Drake Equation—but the "I'm Feelin Drizzy" option will please every click. Give it a try at, and send developer Tyler Smith some prayer hands emojis for his good work when you're done.

UPDATE: We reached out to Let Me Drake That For You's creator, Tyler Smith, a developer out of California, to see what inspired him to make the search engine of our dreams. Here is how he came up with the idea for the project, how it works, and a few of his favorite searches:

How did you come up with the idea for a Drake-centric search engine? My buddies and I are in an on-going group text message thread where we chat about random nonsense. One day we somehow managed to get on the topic of Winnie The Pooh (it's a long story), and I did a quick search and found an article stating that Drake cited Winnie The Pooh as the inspiration for his sophomore album [Take Care]. Mind blown. It seemed like whatever came up, one of us could tie it to Drake, and that was the inspiration. I pitched the idea of building a "Let Me Drake That For You" site to the group, and everyone, even the Drake-haters, thought it was pretty hilarious. I bought the domain on the spot and started working on it that night. Everybody pitched in concepts as I was building it, and now it's somehow a real thing.

Why Drake? Is there anyone else you would like to see a dedicated search engine for? I dig Drake, and his reach is wild. Thanks to his fans and haters alike, he has an insanely wide range of content, which makes him particularly well-suited for this type of thing. I was about 80 percent done with the project when I wondered if there were someone else that this could have been better suited for. I looked into Yeezy and Biebs, but they really weren't close to Drake's range. Plus, Drake dancing gifs are 🔥.

How long did it take you to build? I built the site in 8 days, or so. Just over a week. And yeah, I listened to Drake pretty much the entire time to keep it 💯.

How does it work? I use the Google Web Search API, which was deprecated as of fives years ago or something, along with another free search provider, FAROO. I fire off a couple JSONP requests, get all the results, spin them through my curation logic which tries to pull out only TRU Drake results, and voila. The Google Web Search limits me to four results per request, which is a huge bummer. Definitely hampers the amount of relevant data I can grab, but it's working decently enough.

Are there any search terms in particular you recommend? First, I like all of the searches I have in the suggested searches section (the three dots) — kind of why that part exists. But also: "Lint Roller" and "Mom." You can't make this stuff up.

This Is The Only Drake Search Engine You Need