7 Ways You Know You’ve Found Your BFF

According to Melissa Forde, Rihanna’s ride-or-die bestie.

April 16, 2015

Rihanna's success is not lonely. Today she thrives along with best friend Melissa Forde—they're inseparable homegirls who've made their private shenanigans gloriously public, whether they're strutting the red carpet hand in hand, tossing courtside popcorn at unsuspecting strangers, or just making twerk Vines in their spare time. Here, Forde explains how to spot your ride-or-die from a mile off, and the important tenets of a lasting relationship.

1. A true BFF doesn't come at you all crazy.

Best friends don't always agree, but they know how to communicate. "There are many important things that lead to a lasting friendship. The first would be respect," Forde said. "Of course there will be things you disagree about, but there is always a level of respect and a sense of how to talk to one another. I find that is a huge problem between people: that even though you're friends some people don't know how to talk to you as a friend."

2. And they don't switch up on you when their life changes.

"Rihanna is still the same person I met when she was fourteen years old," Forde said. "She's 27 now. That's crazy, but she's still the same person. It's a rare thing. I find people get so caught up with everything and they don't remain grounded."

3. They know when to chill and when to turn up.

A best friend will have your back at a party, but they'll enjoy your company when nothing's happening too. "Most of the time we're really just chilling," Forde said. "Sometimes, we'll go out to random bars— just drinking and having fun. Or we'll stay in the house, playing music or watching crazy movies all night. When we play any type of card game, it's a total riot. We are all super competitive, no one wants to lose. It's a total fight but it's the most fun."

4. They don't kill your vibe.

If someone drains you, they're not BFF material. "I really hate to be upset or frustrated, it really takes a lot out of me," Forde said. "Good friends surround you with good energy. It makes this life a little bit easier."

5. Or make judgments about your decisions.

"It is rare to find someone that completely understands you and supports you, with no judgement at all," Forde said.

6. They stick with you like a family member would.

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Melissa says she and Rihanna grew closer after moving to America together. "We came out here without our families and just had each other," she said. "We we're just two island girls who had a completely different sense of the world. It was hard not being able to see your family and missing those special moments: siblings, nieces and nephews. But we've both grown together, literally."

7. And, most importantly, they let you shine on your own terms.

A real BFF knows it's important to let their partner in crime be themselves. "If you know you don't want to do something, never be encouraged by anyone," Melissa said. "Remain yourself throughout it all. Remember that it's your life. And even though you might really love someone, you have to remember that everything is between you and God. There is no one else."

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7 Ways You Know You’ve Found Your BFF