Watch Keznamdi Sing His 4/20 Anthem In A Field Of Marijuana

The Jamaica reggae artist extols the spiritual and economic benefits of legalizing weed.

April 20, 2015

In honor of 4/20, Jamaican reggae artist Keznamdi headed to a marijuana farm to record the video for his track "10 Pound." It's a powerful setting, with lush, green leaves for as far as the eye can see, and the natural choice for a song about possibilities that could be unlocked by legalization. "'10 Pound' is a celebration of marijuana, extolling the recreational, medicinal, and industrial uses at a time when some states in the US and now even Jamaica has finally begun the decriminalization process," Keznamdi told The FADER. "As a Rasta, it also has deep spiritual meaning for me as a Holy sacrament. '10 Pound' is an anthem advocating for legalization and education of marijuana so that people can learn about its many benefits and third world countries like Jamaica—that produces the highest natural grade of the plant on Earth—can embrace the economic benefits to help the country out of its spiraling debt." Amen to that.

Photo credit: Matthew 'Preki' Lawrence

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Watch Keznamdi Sing His 4/20 Anthem In A Field Of Marijuana