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SETH’s “REST NOW (Surrender)” Is A Tender Moment In A Torrid World

Gobby and James K share their vulnerable side.

May 20, 2015

SETH, the musical coming together of NYC producers Gobby and James K, has a new album coming on Vancouver label 1080p this June, titled This Is True (Sunseth). While you'd not usually be amiss to expect the sonic equivalent of metallic shards raining down from the heavens, album standout "REST NOW (Surrender)" is an altogether different kettle of fish. Swimming this way and that, sending silvery flashes into the abyss, it's an unexpected—but very welcome—tender moment. SETH's James K dropped clues to the source of the track's vulnerability via email to The FADER: "Feel, hurt. I need time, and I want to feel: true vibe. Forever. aghuhh ohhhh I feel this way. Forever. touch what you want but you can't define. fall. surrender. to my: Vibe." The gif below speaks volumes, too. 1080p will release SETH's This Is True (Sunseth) on June 2nd.

Photo credit: James K

SETH’s “REST NOW (Surrender)” Is A Tender Moment In A Torrid World