David Lynch’s Music Supervisor Just Released A Moody Solo Album

With an appropriately surreal video to boot.

May 26, 2015

For the past decade, Los Angeles-based film composer Dean Hurley has been David Lynch's right-hand-man for all things sound-related. He did the music supervision and sound mixing for Inland Empire as well as producing and co-writing some of the auteur's own studio albums, like 2011's Crazy Clown Time, 2013's The Big Dream, and 2014's the Air Is On Fire. To tide you over for Twin Peaks's long-awaited return to network television this year, we recommend checking out his very romantic, sample-delic new solo album, Days of Thunder & Rain, which was constructed almost entirely from old soul samples, and takes its name from Hans Zimmer’s synthy score for '90s Nascar thriller Days of Thunder. He's released it for free download, along with the above short film, directed by Nicholas Wurz and William Renton, commissioned by Virginia-based film studio Mondial, and co-starring a bunch of creepy mannequins.


"It started with some songs about a pained relationship," Hurley told The FADER over email, "which led to 11 songs about life in general as a doomed relationship. Mondial expanded on this concept and created a short film that widened the scope, adding more dimension to this thought. Their short paints this picture of a type of nostalgia in reverse…a fondness for something not yet experienced…it’s their offering to the question, 'How can love grow from pain?’”

David Lynch’s Music Supervisor Just Released A Moody Solo Album