Watch Kendrick Lamar Perform “These Walls” With Dancers

The MC also talked about being a role-model and working with Taylor Swift on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show.’

Kendrick Lamar stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show today to perform “These Walls”—the fifth track from To Pimp A Butterfly—accompanied by a dancing couple clad only in white. During a brief post-performance interview, Lamar stressed the importance of presenting the next generation with a conscientious role model. “I know there’s a lot of kids watching TV in my neighborhood that are saying, ‘I want to be a positive influence just like Kendrick,’” he noted. (He said a similar thing when he was presented with the Generational Icon award by the California Senate recently.) In addition, the rapper thanked his parents for “put[ting] something more in [my] heart than what was around me."


Naturally Ellen also asked about Lamar’s involvement in Taylor Swift’s recently-released video for “Bad Blood.” “She reached out,” the rapper said. “I’ve always been a fans of hers and she’s a fan of my music.”

According to Reddit, Lamar only played one song from his new album during a set at last weekend’s Sasquatch music festival. Interestingly, that track wasn't "These Walls," it was “Alright.”

Watch Kendrick Lamar Perform “These Walls” With Dancers