A SOPHIE Produced Song Soundtracks An Ad For Samsung

The UK producer teamed up with Mad Decent singer Liz to “rule the world.”

June 02, 2015

UPDATE 6/2/15 7:51 P.M.: SOPHIE's publicist tells The FADER that the song "has literally zero connection to PC Music, and SOPHIE had nothing to do with the Samsung advertisement. This is purely a licensing advertisement for the song by Liz." The track, titled "When I Rule the World," will officially be released on Columbia Records in the coming months.


The close links between PC Music and consumption have been noted from the start. The label was selling a mystery energy drink at shows, now available for purchase online. In a recent interview, the producer noted, “The challenge I'm interested in being part of is who can use current technology, current images and people, to make the brightest, most intense, engaging thing." That thing could be a song, or it could be an advertisement.

So it's not surprising that PC Music is now helping to sell a phone. SOPHIE teamed up with Liz for a cheery, sing-song tune about world domination which appears in the ad for the Samsung Galaxy S6 above. It’s a commanding track that moves through rap and EDM on its way to a foamy, sparkling hook: I rule the world, so get down on your knees.

A SOPHIE Produced Song Soundtracks An Ad For Samsung