What Are Sausage Freestyles And Where Did They Come From?

Lil Mama’s version had a bigger budget, but, as usual, teens did it first.

June 02, 2015

It’s been a few days since Lil Mama released the video for “Sausage,” the safe-sex anthem slash funhouse track that's due to be her big comeback. But why on earth is she yelling about breakfast foods? The song borrows heavily from the Sausage Song, an inexplicable teen meme that went viral earlier this winter, thanks to Vines and videos uploaded by high schoolers across the country.

The so-called #SausageMovement started with this video by Miami student Matthew Bellamy. Since being uploaded to YouTube in January, it's been viewed more than a million times.
His Facebook friends started sharing it and kids began recording their own versions. A couple of months of later, another Sausage freestyle really went off in this particularly lit school cafeteria.
And in this army barracks.
Girls really killed it, too.
After Lil Mama released the audio of the song, Bellamy sent her an Instagram DM to potentially work on a video together. After all, he'd already dropped a recorded version of "Sausage Movement" on Soundcloud.
But after initially agreeing to fly him out, he claims Mama snaked him over a $200 Greyhound ticket. This weekend, he posted a 14-minute video to Facebook, detailing the song's origins and his interactions with Lil Mama.

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Posted by Sfg Mac Chill on Sunday, May 31, 2015
What Are Sausage Freestyles And Where Did They Come From?