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U Guessed It: OG Maco Appeared In An Ad For Colt 45

“Keep it in the fam. Keep it day one. Keep it Colt 45.”

June 03, 2015

OG Maco became one of hip-hop's out-of-nowhere success stories last year when the punishing, bare-bones "U Guessed It" made it all the way into the Billboard Hot 100. But as the rapper will tell you in his new add for the malt liquor Colt 45, that fame hasn't gone to his head. "You've been around the world and back again," the rapper says in the voice-over on the commercial. "But you know what's always the best part of the journey? It's the homecoming." "Fame can put you on that plane and take you up out the south," he adds, but that takes you away from "the stuff that keeps us grounded." While there's no reason fame would restrict your ability to drink Colt 45, the point still stands: east, west, home's best.


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U Guessed It: OG Maco Appeared In An Ad For Colt 45