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Vic Mensa And Kanye West Release “U Mad” Video

The toughest track of the year finally gets a clip.

June 09, 2015

There's no way around it: the Vic Mensa/Kanye West collaboration "U Mad" is vicious. This is partially due to the contrast at the heart of the beat: the horns take their time, confident in their own power, but the percussion moves with feverish speed, as if its hectic, quadruple-time energy might force the brass to go a little faster. There's also menace in both rappers' verses, but especially in Kanye's off-handed delivery: it was all cool / 'til I hit the bartender with the bar stool. And now "All Day" boasts an equally vicious video—all darkly lit and with some low-key pyrotechnics, a wardrobe of straight jackets and DONDA hoodies, and plenty of riotous energy. Oh you mad, uh? Watch for yourself above.

Vic Mensa And Kanye West Release “U Mad” Video