How To Wear A Swimsuit All Day With No Shame

According to @YesJulz, Miami party promoter and Snapchat star.

Illustration Kyle Platts
June 10, 2015
How To Wear A Swimsuit All Day With No Shame

From The FADER's Guide To Summer


@YesJulz: As a curvy girl, I love high-waisted bikinis because they accentuate the hips and still cover your butt. I’m not a fan of super cheeky thongs. It’s cooler to be sexy and leave a little to the imagination. If you really want to party and not worry about revealing everything, go with a sportier bathing suit—like a one-piece or a boy short and sports bra. That way you can dance, do cannonballs, do literally anything in your bathing suit. I like to start the day off pretty covered and then “unleash the dragon”at some point. A sheer cover-up or high-waisted skirt with your bikini top and sneakers, that’s my go-to look. It’s comfortable, cute, and not too sexy.

For the dudes, please do not wear socks to the beach or pool. If you’re going to wear sneakers and you take the sneakers off, you have to take your socks off. Just wear Nike pool slides instead. No banana hammocks, under any circumstances. Nobody wants to see that. Also, do not wear basketball shorts that end up drooping over your boxer briefs. That’s not a bathing suit. You need to wear real swim trunks in a comfortable length. If you don’t want to let it all hang out, wear a short-sleeve button-down, with a fun print.

And to everyone, don’t forget your sunglasses and confidence. There’s nothing more attractive than a positive, exuberant personality. No matter what shape or size you are, if you’re in the party talking to everyone, dancing and having a good time? That’s sexy.

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How To Wear A Swimsuit All Day With No Shame