Watch Kool A.D.’s Beautifully-Animated “Hickory” Video

The rapper connected with a Peruvian art collective for the project.

June 18, 2015

Kool A.D. put out Word O.K. in March of last year and and then set himself an ambitious goal: to make a video for every one of the album’s 11 tracks. That visual journey ends today with “Hickory,” which could be the best of a strong bunch. For the latest clip, the rapper recruited a Peruvian art collective, Youth Experimental Studio, to provide animation. They packed the frame full of bright images that look like they were painted with watercolors, one shade bleeding charmingly into the next. This suits the song, which merges a cheery ‘60s soul loop with the MC’s easy-going, optimistic delivery: “See me on Conan, next time Letterman, if not, like I said—whatever man.” Talib Kweli brings his usual verbal dexterousness and veteran presence to the second verse, while Boots Riley holds down the anchor leg.

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Watch Kool A.D.’s Beautifully-Animated “Hickory” Video