FADER Mix: Blazer Sound System

Heavy vibrations abound on this 100% vinyl, one-take live mix.

June 25, 2015

Blazer Sound System is the blissed-out brainchild of Colorado-born, NYC-based duo Zebrablood (Nathan Corbin) and Rainstick (Tony Lowe). Founded two years ago, the duo has become known for their epic reggae parties in apartments, abandoned restaurants, and just any corner of Brooklyn they can squeeze their custom sound system into. Fun fact: when they're not blazing up Brooklyn, Corbin and Lowe make films, documentaries and music videos together, including this now-classic one for Skepta and Wiki's remix of the former's 2014 single "That's Not Me."

But back to Blazer's FADER Mix, which was recorded live using 100% vinyl. It features a number of rare dubplates alongside some original Blazer productions and seriously special cuts from Sizzla, Jah Shaka, and more. Their opening skit says it all: "Pass me that green, man."


What is Blazer Sound System?

Blazer is a warrior reggae sound system that originated in the high desert of New Mexico, where our custom speakers were built. We operate in a love creation style, via all-night dances, dubplates, and ital living. We make films together thru the same conduits, as Video Dub Inc.

Where are you right now? Please describe your surroundings.


UP DEH, in “liftmode.” Clear and wide open. Chinatown HQ.

Tell us a bit about the mix—what do you imagine people doing while listening to it?

Turn it WAY UP. These selections have heat in mind. Shave a cop’s eyebrows.


What do you guys have planned this summer?

Staying WAY UP. Fiestas secreto 4 la familia. Roped n2 some upcoming club dates: Wolf Eyes (7/18 Union Pool), Ital (7/11 Bossa Nova), Sustain­Release (9/11 Upstate NY). Editing a long film we recently shot in Ghana, about Ata Kak. Dubbing our original productions for fall release.

What's the last book you read that had a big impact on you?

Crazy Horse: A Lakota Life by Kingsley M Bray. No words.

And finally, what's your favorite dish to make and how do you cook it?

Cacao deh Ching: Cook up a spicy mole + fish + habanero + rice.


Sizzla - “Joy” (Freestyle)
Nicotine Davis - “Sensi Boom”
H. Ferg - “Sensi Addict”
Lady Ann - “Chalice In Hand”
Gen Plough - “Golden Chalise”
Cornell Campbell - “100 Lbs Of Collie”
“Rope In” Riddim Excursion
???? - ­????
Aswad ­- “Rainbow Culture” (Dub)
BLZR “Woo Jah” (Dubplate)
Spragga - “Dolly House” (Remix)
??? - ???
Patra “Wukka Man” (Dubplate)
Monster Shack Cali Bootleg
Bounty Illegal Mix
Mad Lion - “Tek It Ez”
?? Riddim
Vybz Kartel - ??
BLZR - ­"Liftmode" (Dub)
Tiger - “rRp Pon Rydim” (BLZR Haze)
Smif N Wessun - “Sound Bwoy Bureil”
Jah Shaka <­­respect 4­i­ver)))))
Stepping On Strong
Barry Brown ­- ????
B Brown ­- “Jukes & Watch”
???? -­ "I’m Leaving"
Gerald Love - “Jah Children”

Rainstick and Zebrablood give HEAVY gratitude to: Shaka, Ting, Mari Vanna, Jade C, DigiKiller, CO LA, Marcus B, Dragons, the Massive.

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FADER Mix: Blazer Sound System