Beats 1 Radio Launched Prematurely

“Test, test, test, test.”

June 30, 2015
Beats 1 Radio Launched Prematurely Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Apple Music is here, and naturally the service will be under heavy scrutiny, especially in its opening weeks—or in this case, its opening minutes. Originally, Beats 1 Radio was supposed to start an hour after Apple Music, at noon EST. But according to Business Insider, Beats 1 came online at the same time as everything else. If you happened to tune in early hoping to hear Zane Lowe playing some new jams, you might've been able to listen as Lowe and his engineer tested microphones.


The station is now up and running: Lowe's first song was "Spring King," by the band City. He followed that up with the new Beck single. For more reading on Lowe’s mic-testing, check out his recent profile in The New York Times—he spends a lengthy amount of time making sure his equipment is behaving properly.

Beats 1 Radio Launched Prematurely