Michael Beharie Makes The Flute Sound Fly On “Damion”

The Brooklyn musician has a new EP on the way—rejoice.

Michael Beharie Makes The Flute Sound Fly On “Damion” Sean Mattison

Over the past year of living in NYC, I've seen Brooklyn musician Michael Beharie's craft manifest in a variety of ways. There was a brooding electronic set at the now-defunct Body Actualized, a guitar virtuoso turn at a venue I can't remember (it had Twin Peaks-ish stage curtains). And then, a couple of weeks back at NY composer/choreographer Colin Self's Elation release party at Secret Project Robot, Beharie summoned up popstar-in-the-making vibes with a sung/synth set. Now, that's range. On "Damion," from his forthcoming new EP, Lace, he explores still new terrain with this kinda uncanny flute-led jam—who said flutes were flowery?


"'Damion' came together during a quiet snowstorm last winter," Beharie told The FADER. "The track revolves around an out-of-time flute part that I thought had a nice bittersweet flavor. I like how this one came out, because it has an insistent mood that I can't really place." Astro Nautico will release Michael Beharie's Lace EP on July 17th. Scroll down for dates to catch Beharie live in NYC.

Tour dates

July 8th @ Bossa Nova Civic Club (Purple Trax Label Night #1)
July 11th @ Trans Pecos (Astro Nautico Presents: Space Camp)
July 27th @ Baby's All Right (Mas Ysa Record Release)

Michael Beharie Makes The Flute Sound Fly On “Damion”