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JME Made A New Mixtape In Less Than 48 Hours

Creativity on a tight timeline.

July 14, 2015

The Grime MC JME—younger brother to FADER cover star Skepta—has been especially creative following the release of his Integrity album in May. Yesterday he announced that he would trade vinyl copies of the full-length for Pokémon cards, surely one of the more inspired promotions in recent memory. He also just finished up a new project titled, appropriately enough, 48 Hours. The conceit is simple: he challenged himself to make a mixtape in two days. He put together a video about the process too, which you can watch above. Find out which lyrics on Integrity resonated the most with other Grime stars, and listen to the results of his experiment below.

JME Made A New Mixtape In Less Than 48 Hours