Despot Premieres “House Of Bricks” Video, His First Music Video Ever

The Queens rapper’s debut album ’e're All Excited

July 22, 2015

Ending a lengthy spell of relative quiet, the much-adored New York rapper Despot delivered a new single called "House of Bricks" last week. A lively dealers anthem produced by his longtime collaborator Evan Mast (of Ratatat), it is—assuming all things go as planned—the first official single off We're All Excited, a slow-percolating debut album that might finally be "getting closer" to seeing release.


"I'd like to say that it's close, it feels like it's getting closer," the rapper told The FADER over the phone this week. He has about ten potential tracks stacked up—a number that averages out to something like one track that he "would let people hear" for each year he has been working on the project. "Me and Evan have been talking about this album since I met him, so we have hypothetically been working on this album for close to ten years," he said. "Most of the delay has just been me deciding that I don't like the songs that I'm making most of the time."

The swell of excitement around "House of Bricks" has, in his words, helped "grease the gears;" and today he released a music video—his first ever—for the song. Directed by Evan, the video is a literal family affair that stars Despot's whole fam (his parents, his brother, and an iguana named Rex) and was shot in the Queens apartment he grew up in. "I felt like it was a good kind of introduction because I never made a video," he said, adding with a laugh, "which is weird, because I've been putting out music for fifteen years or something."

Here's to We're All Excited, which will be out sooner if you let Despot know you like this.

Despot Premieres “House Of Bricks” Video, His First Music Video Ever