KeithCharles Spacebar Shares “Always 1” Video

RichPoSlim and Father help out.

July 22, 2015

Awful Records' KeithCharlesSpacebar unveiled his "Always 1" video today. The song appeared earlier this year on KCSB's We're All A Little Triflin' project, and it features verses from Father and RichPoSlim. It's a track about the one person who brings everybody else down, but all three rappers deliver blithe, inexorable verses. Take Father's: I don't need your dope, I already copped some/ Album of the year, I already dropped one.


The clip is a typical low-budget affair: a bunch of Awful Records personnel partying in a room as the camera circles from side to side. The 360 degree effect is predictably dizzying, but there's an added bonus here: the video was shot on an Oculus Rift, and you can change the camera's movement by dragging your mouse across the screen, shifting the video experience every time you watch.

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KeithCharles Spacebar Shares “Always 1” Video