DJ Spinn Remixed Kanye West “All Day” And The Video For It Is Gold

Watch a day in the life of a Chicago footwork dancer, set to the Teklife legend’s “All Day” remix.

August 06, 2015

"If I'm not doing footwork, then I'm thinking about it," Chicago footwork dancer Litebulb told me back in 2011. "You can practice in your head." Evidently, footwork is an all day, everyday thing for the founder of The ERA dance crew, and you can see that dedication in this day-in-the-life style video for DJ Spinn's razor-sharp remix of Kanye West's "All Day." The video's intention is to highlight footwork culture and show that "being a dancer is just as dope as any other art form around and deserves the same respect," Litebulb told The FADER. "Once we heard Spinn messing around in his studio with Kanye's 'All Day' single, we knew it was the one, so he sent it right over to us."


"The track was just a way we wanted to show love to Kanye and Chicago, like we always do with footwork," DJ Spinn told The FADER. "Showing people the dance aspect with the DJs at this level is what the people need to see—something positive, you know. It's all for Chicago." The producer also explained that he's launching a Teklife label this November which will feature exclusive tracks that crew members made in collaboration with DJ Rashad. If you're in Mexico later this month, catch DJ Spinn and The Era footwork crew on tour. Scroll down for dates.

DJ Spinn Remixed Kanye West “All Day” And The Video For It Is Gold