Listen To New Music From Ja Rule

The MC has been throwing material up on SoundCloud.

August 11, 2015
Listen To New Music From Ja Rule Jason Kempin / Getty Images

Something about 2014 encouraged a bunch of long-dormant acts to jump back into action: in country, Garth Brooks returned, in R&B, D’Angelo emerged from hiding, in rock, Sleater Kinney carried the comeback torch. This fever has continued in 2015—Dr. Dre recently released his first solo work in 16 years.


And now Ja Rule may have caught the bug too: Missinfo noticed today that Ja Rule has been posting new songs on SoundCloud over the last week. Though the rapper released Pain Is Love 2 in 2012, it barely registered; his last album effectively came out way back in 2004. Check out some of his new tunes below.

Listen To New Music From Ja Rule