Listen To Copout’s Escapist Ode To Nature, “Contortion”

The Brooklyn-based producer had been dreaming of getting away.

August 14, 2015

Anyone who lives in a city knows what it feels like to pine for nature from time to time. Some get by with a house plant or a New Age-y CD of ocean or forest sounds; for Brooklyn-based producer Copout, escapism comes in the form of making electronic music that snakes and shimmers like leaves in the wind. His new track "Contortion," he explained to The FADER over email, draws on the calming orderliness of nature (as opposed to the chaos of the concrete jungle). "'Contortion' represents nature's ability to evolve and manipulate itself within a system. It moves along being organic and warm but also very rigid. NYC can feel very unnatural at times and this track aims to provide a space to envision something else."

Stream "Contortion" below, before //WDIS release it on August 17.

Listen To Copout’s Escapist Ode To Nature, “Contortion”