Rabit Announces Communion Album

Check out the lead single, “Pandemic.”

August 25, 2015

Eric Burton, who makes music as Rabit, released The Baptizm EP on Tri Angle back in March. He's got another project planned before the year is out: his full-length debut, Communion, arrives October 30. Check out the tracklist below, watch his terrifyingly good video for "Straps," and read his FADER interview.

1. "Advent"
2. "Snow Leopard"
3. "Fetal"
4. "Artemis"
5. "Ox"
6. "Flesh Covers the Bone"
7. "Pandemic"
8. "Burnerz"
9. "Glass Harp Interlude"
10. "Black Gates"
11. "Trapped in this Body"

Rabit Announces Communion Album