Slayter’s Going “Krazy” And It’s All Because Of Love

“Love will make you do krazy things.”

August 25, 2015

The first time we heard Slayter, he was anchoring DonMonique's boom-bap throwback "Tha Low" alongside Danny Brown. Today, the 21-year-old New Yorker is back with "Krazy," a pained ode to a love gone sour. Over a warm guitar riff, organic-sounding keys, and some dramatic strings, Slayter runs down all the ways love has driven him crazy. You got me spazzing out/ A couple hours later then I'm passing out/ You got me breaking laws in a stranger's house, he sings.

"'Krazy' is a song I made at 4AM in an LES basement after a conversation with the producer of the song, Episode. We were talking about how crazy something can make you, and that something is subjective to what you make it," Slayter told The FADER over email. "Love will make you do krazy things." True.

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Slayter’s Going “Krazy” And It’s All Because Of Love