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At Home With: Miss Info

Take a peek inside the Brooklyn home of the legendary hip-hop journalist and new mom.

August 27, 2015

Minya Oh—or Miss Info, as she is known professionally—is a legend in the hip-hop journalism game, having famously written Nas' Illmatic 5-Mic review for The Source when she was just an intern before moving on to big-time gigs (MTV, Hot 97) and launching her own must-read music blog, Recently she's added another line to her résumé: mother. In this episode of The FADER and Sonos' At Home With series, Miss Info welcomes viewers into her Brooklyn home where she introduces her adorable 2-month old son, Max. "One of the jokes while I was pregnant was, whenever I would see a hip-hop artist they would talk about how I had to make sure the baby would know their entire catalogue," she says. "I'm working through that slowly." Check out the video above, then check out more episodes of At Home With.

At Home With: Miss Info