Jay Z Joins Instagram And Almost Immediately Leaves

“Grand opening, grand closing.”

August 30, 2015

Follow my brother @Hovsince96 ASAP!

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We all know Beyoncé's Instagram is a treasure, a rare insight into one of pop's most (rightfully) reclusive stars and a platform that she uses to shine a light on young artists. Her husband Jay Z, on the other hand, actively shunned the platform until last night when he finally made an account—and subsequently deleted it 14 hours later. The above Instagram from Atlantic Records executive Michael Kyser confirmed that "@HovSince96" was indeed the real deal. Hov posted one 'gram before deactivating the account, a photo from Hot 97 Summer Jam 2001 with the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. "Happy Birthday to the King! This may be my first and last post." And so it was.


Grand opening...

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Jay Z Joins Instagram And Almost Immediately Leaves