Baeb Rxxth Play With Style And Substance On “STRP”

The duo show what they’re made of ahead of their November debut EP release.

September 23, 2015

Producers Devon Craig Johnson and Nasimiyu Murumba formed baeb rxxth after meeting at a downtown dance party in 2013. Both are multi-genre multi-instrumentalists with a slew of other projects, and baeb rxxth serves as the outlet for their particular production vision.

"Baeb Rxxth is essentially us shedding our previous music identities and any of the seriousness that they held," Johnson told The FADER. "This proper little pop song would probably never have 808s and trap hats if we were over-thinking things."


Baeb rxxth may not be taking themselves too seriously, but new track "STRP" is not to be under-estimated. Fun and frothy, "STRP" is a good time, but the obvious musicianship of the two co-producers shines through. Murumba says, "STRP is a poke at New York ultra fashion consciousness," and superficiality is certainly not welcome here.

Baeb rxxth's debut EP OMW is out November 13th.

Baeb Rxxth Play With Style And Substance On “STRP”